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Stay away from IDAHO
Star Rating - 7/19/2020
Lived here since 2005. Loved it at first because it is beautiful but business is horrible here. Ive seen countless people including myself move here and invest all our money here only to lose it all. I moved to Cda, Idaho a millionaire and after 10 years I am leaving broke. Washington State is just as beautiful and business opportunities are great there.

Also, Idaho State acts as if they are gangsters or mobsters or something. I was a home builder and owned landscape companies, drive thru coffee stands, a restaurant and hydroseeding company...all of which have gone under. I fell behind on paying taxes. Idaho sends people to your door to collect. I thought this to be crazy and dangerous. Have you ever lost everything in life and then have people knocking on your door demanding 40k? Dangerous for the collectors and to top it off they were sending females. Very dangerous position they put their employees in.

Also. The cops here are letter of the law cops and they are not anyones friends. I use to be a cop so for me to say this is a big deal. Normally cops are family wherever you go....but not here. These guys think theyre something special...real peaches I tell you... If you come on vacation you have a GREAT chance at leaving on probation. They take everyone to jail here for anything.

Go to Washington folks. Trust me. Stay away from Idaho.
Jay | Hayden, ID
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- 5/3/2021
Dispointed, resources do not match expenses
Extremely disappointing. The housing market is choked and overpriced. Surveyed new housing...
Richard | Coeur dAlene, ID | No Replies

- 6/6/2017
Coeur d'Alene is a great place to raise children.
Coeur d'Alene is a great place to raise children....
steve | Coeur dAlene, ID | No Replies

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