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Daytona Beach: best place in Central FL part 2
Star Rating - 11/5/2017
They also built a Tanger Outlet Store with multiple shops.

You can find things to do in Daytona Beach. I think the area gets a very bad rap at times due to Bike Week and Spring Break (which at times can get out of control). However, if you go during certain times of the year, you will have a great time.

I am in my mid-thirties and I found better dating opportunities in Daytona Beach than I ever did in Orlando, FL. Men and women can find a good quality of potential mates during happy hour at restaurants and bars on Seabreeze Blvd, Main Street, A1A, Daytona Interational Speedway Blvd, and Beach Street.

I would not recommend going to North Ridgewood Ave in Daytona Beach, because of the prostitution and the drug dealings that tend to go on. This is big at night and at times during the day. It's like Orlando with Orange Blossom Trail.

Outside that, there is really nothing bad about the Daytona Beach area if you are looking for a great beach area to live or visit.

James | South Daytona, FL
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Some of this is spot on, especially the part about avoiding N. Ridgewood, because it is a bad scene. But things to do? I guess that depends on what you like to do. It's a stretch to say that dating prospects are good too. My hair cutter said that it took her over 7 years to find a man that was not burdened by drug and/or alcohol problems. That is the scene in many places. There's a sort of low life element that drinks and likes drugs, along with the drunk party types. The crime can be a little crazy on the mainland side as well. I still miss the beach and views of the water, and loved to swim in the warmth of it, but a little time on the beach goes a long way. There are no, as in none, zero, places to escape the sun, and dodging cars while you're walking on the sand is less than enjoyable. Dangerous too. For biking it's a great place because you can ride your bike on the sidewalk in Florida, which is cool because you almost never encounter anyone actually walking on those things. But be prepared for corrupt and incompetent city "leadership", a real hateful attitude toward the less fortunate, and very few liberal people. Volusia county ranks at or near the bottom of all the counties you will encounter in the area.
steve | Albuquerque, NM | Report Abuse
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Nice place to visit, for a week, then go home.
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Perfect sized town. Lots of fun and beautiful.
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Daytona Beach is the best place in Central FL
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