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Hopewell Valley Neighborhood....
Star Rating - 6/11/2016
I had hoped I would not have to post a review with my opinion of the neighborhood in which I recently lived, but with multiple houses seemingly popping up for sale on a monthly basis (my opinion and to the best of my knowledge), I need to let folks know.

Please understand this is only my OPINION and my personal experience. I am not stating anything as fact in this review. That said...

"Hopewell Valley", a neighborhood located next to Little Miami high school, is best avoided if you enjoy some control and sanity over your life. Without diving too deep into the weeds, the HOA is, in my opinion, so power hungry that they drive decent people away.

This is not a good neighborhood for a new family starting out. It feels like high school all over again - cliques form, people think and do very petty things towards one another, and the overall atmosphere is one riffled with disgust, deceit, and regret.

I have had neighbors intentionally drive by and honk their horns at all hours of the night. I have had neighbors drive by and throw the middle finger my way. I have made a point of introducing myself to all of the new families that move in and, almost without fail, they are gone within 6 months to a year due to the toxic environment that the upper echelon of folks create here.

I said it feels like high school because, in my opinion, it truly does. The HOA responds drastically, dramatically, and without cause to our neighbors for all sorts of things, saying they have the benefit to have their voices heard when we all seem to know that is a bunch of malarkey.

There is certainly good here. The homes and builders here are fantastic in my experience. The pool is wonderful, and upkeep of public areas are somewhat acceptable. But, at the end of the day, I regret ever choosing to live here.

Hopefully your mileage will vary and by the time you read this some much needed changes will, hopefully, have been implemented. But next time you look around here, keep note of the "For Sale" signs. I also encourage you to dig deeper to see how many homes have been put on the market in the last year or two. What you find may very well surprise you and change your mind.

Morrow is a wonderful rural town. Hopewell Valley, in my opinion, is trying too hard to exert big city BS into a village that will have none of it.

Best of luck to you and God bless.
N | Morrow, OH
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We have lived here 5 years. There are lots of kids and dogs, so if you do not like those, you will not like this place. Halloween is so much fun, there's an Easter egg hunt, July 4th picnic, etc planned by a volunteer. It's so 1950s suburbia, and I love it. As far as cliques, maybe I'm on my own planet or too busy to notice, but nope, I have noticed. I mean, obviously there are going to be people who hang out more than others, but I don't feel excluded from events. Houses are fairly close together, so if you dont get aoing with your neighbors, it could be bad- I could see that happening. But can't that happen anywhere? HOA meetings don't have the best turnout, so my feedback would be to go to those. We try to get there. If something needs to be done around the neighborhood, sometimes it means you have to roll your sleeves up and volunteer a bit of your time, you know? Not often, but there have been a few occasions where it helps the HOA save money. An example of the neighborly deeds: this kiddo decided to raised money for new soccer nets and equipment for our soccer fields last year! Yes, we have a soccer field, basketball hoop, pool, flat walkable sidewalks, bike path, etc. Anyway, the HOA caught wind and paid for the nets so the kiddo could buy more equipment. How awesome is that? They will get after you if your siding gets dirty or fencing is a big thing, but that's what HOAs do so the neighborhood holds its' value. I've got little kids, I forget stuff sometimes- I've gotten a letter- Haha, but I didn't take it personally. The neighbors of ours thay have moved: -jobs, -to be closer to grandkids, -to the beach, -to a different part of town/closer to work. Not because of drama. That is my longwinded opinion.
Lisa | Morrow, OH | Report Abuse

Agree 100000000% with this comment. Power hungry HOA and favoritism. It's a shame because it's a great area, but the HOA President et. al. seem to think only for themselves and only care about those they deem "worthy". If you have a young family, DO NOT move here. Period. Trust me, the headache starts the day you move in and doesn't end until you decide to leave this clown show.
No | Morrow, OH | Report Abuse

I have lived in the Cincinnati area my entire life and the Hopewell Valley Subdivision for the last 6 years. I have never witnessed anything that you have described. Cincinnati in general is a very transit area, that is perhaps why there are often homes for sale. It is my opinion that perhaps the comments made above were caused by ones own actions. I have found the neighborhood to be safe and friendly. The HOA simply tries to enforce the by-laws as I would hope they would do. Our family has been very happy in the Hopewell Valley Subdivision and I would highly recommend it.
Patti | Morrow, OH | Report Abuse

The problem here is the area of the country you are in. SW Ohio is one of the most redneck and provincial places I’ve ever lived in my life. I’ve been all over the country including the east coast. If you have something to compare it to, you will realize that. The “Yea” sayers are people that have lived here all their lives and are accustomed to this type of behavior. I lived there almost three years. We have since moved to northeast Indiana. Now, our neighbors talk to us, no one picks fights on Facebook and Nextdoor, repair people and other service providers actually show up and don’t try to rip us off, and people don’t get mad when you pass them on the highway. They even drive faster than the speed limit most of the time too. The village tax administrator cyberstalked us and continues to harass us after our move saying we owe taxes that we really don’t owe. I just want to forget about the place. It was a miserable experience.
| Dayton, OH | Report Abuse
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