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Review of Billings, Montana

The last worst place
Star Rating - 9/24/2021
If you enjoy sub zero temperatures in Winter and 100 plus degrees in the Summer. You will love Billings. Snow plowing is almost non existent, so good luck driving for 5 months out of the year. ( about the length of Winter) Low wages, high housing costs, and high crime rate. Do not recommend.
Andrea | Billings, MT
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Have lived here 28 out of the 32 years I've been alive. Sadly, can confirm this is accurate!
Brennan | Billings, MT | Report Abuse

Interesting because I moved to Billings 3 years ago to get away from the heat and humidity of the South. I love it here and glad I am here. I disagree with the snow plows because the city is on it when it snows. Driving in the snow isn't an issue because it's a powder you can drive in. The city continues to grow at an alarming rate as Billings is the largest city in the state. If you land a job with Billings Clinic you'll be set as they are the largest employer in the state. No sales taxes is a huge plus, but Billings for the most part is affordable compared to the rest of the country.
Helen | Salisbury, NC | Report Abuse
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