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Public transportation
Star Rating - 7/21/2008
Warner Robins is a small but crucial town for the military base Rabins AFB stationed here. Its a good place to live but,there is no public transportation at all. The job market is mostly military involved in and off base. There is plenty of shopping around. The main thing to be aware of is, if you do not own a car you are pretty much forced to take a cab everywhere.
terry | Warner Robins, GA
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- 7/27/2013
How safe is Warner Robbins for a young family with
Can anybody please provide some insight on how safe of a city Warner Robbins is, and any p...
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- 3/28/2009
reynolds: city of non-growth
What ever! as soon as anyone can they leave. Be it after graduation or because of all the...
shelia | Warner Robins, GA | No Replies

- 12/10/2008
What to do with it:
My years-ago boyfriend said they oughtta flatten all the buildings and stores, move them a...
Jordan | Bellingham, WA | No Replies

- 10/17/2008
Currently, This is a sad and hard place to live. Previous comments about no recreation, n...
Bp | Warner Robins, GA | No Replies

- 12/6/2007
Severely Limited
Culture and recreation within Warner Robins are extremely limited. The reasonable cost of...
Bp | Warner Robins, GA | No Replies

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