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Review of Tucson, Arizona

Star Rating - 11/15/2019
I moved to Tucson a year ago from beautiful New England. I absolutely hate the desert. It's funny when you see people walking around in winter clothes in 80 degree weather in November pretending it's winter. Lol. There is no winter in the desert. There is one season; fkn HOT!!
The air is dirty, dusty, and dry. It burns and shrivels your skin. It is hard to breath and it gives you headaches if you are even mildly sensitive.
The water is equally as bad. You cannot drink it. It is hard, chlorinated, and mineral laden. It also saps your skin.
So as I said, this is an almost uninhabitable place to live unless you are a rattlesnake or a cactus. There is no humidity, no break from the relentless heat and filth, no rain, no wind, and lots of crime. Beware.
X | Tucson, AZ
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Unbeknownst to you it would be hot, dry and have poor water quality smack in middle of the Sonoran desert. Enjoy shoveling snow for 4 months in NE while we're wearing wife beaters in December. :) It ain't perfect but we're not Massholes about it.
Brent | Tanque Verde, AZ | Report Abuse

I am left wondering why someone who hated the desert would move to Tucson, Arizona? Was the lack of humidity also a complete surprise? Have you ever heard of a library, or the internet? I mean, just the two words, Tucson....., Arizona.......does that not give one a picture of hot and desert? This review is like someone moving to Alaska and then complainingd that it was cold and had snowy! Who knew?
steve | Albuquerque, NM | Report Abuse

Do you have any recommendations on Tucson cuse I'm doing a project on it for school. Is it That Bad?
Harper | Vernon Rockville, CT | Report Abuse

Please keep your 5/6 months of horr snow sto and blizzards. We were living in Boston several years ago, ugly, bleak, wet winters cost of living is horrible. Everyone lives in apartments or town houses. no l have a beautiful home on 2 acres, make six figures as does my husband. Love Arizona.
Margaret | Casas Adobes, AZ | Report Abuse

You could get skin cancer , you won't want to drink the public water, you'll think you're in an oven in the summer and it'll last a good 9 months - They'll all say it's a dry heat but hot is hot and you'll know better. You might develop flu like symptoms but due to the air never being recycled or hardly cleansed by rain your doctor will tell you it's allergies - I had allergies once or twice each year. All the plant life and animals are designed to kill or injury you. If you like Mexican food and can just live there during the Winter you'll probably like it but those summers . . . . .. .. just imagine a hellish stench with a hot breeze to make it worse....115 is about average and who knows what the heat index in the sun is..........the news won't ever tell you that
Sonny | Johnson City, TN | Report Abuse
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