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Don't let the pictures fool you......
Star Rating - 1/9/2020
Hi, I lived in Wahiawa for almost 4 years. Wahiawa is a really dirty, rundown, ghetto area. The homeless literally line the streets everywhere you go. There's high crime (especially if you are military, as we were. Locals strongly dislike military personnel. Several members of my husband's unit were assaulted by local guys) and even though Hawaii is supposed to have a welcoming spirt, they don't. People are pretty rude and nobody knows how to drive! The streets and parking spaces are insanely narrow and it's almost impossible to park anywhere. Hawaii is a super expensive place because everything has to be shipped in. Everything is pricey; from gas to food to homes. Unless you are native to the islands, you won't be able to get a job. I applied at Denny's for a management position (which I was qualified for and had more than a decade of experience) and was flat-out told that they prefer to hire locals. The Hawaii you see in movies and pictures is nothing like the real thing. There are some beautiful parts, sure, but for the most part, it's run down and Wahiawa is especially bad. I wouldn't recommend living here. If you want to visit Hawaii, go to Kauai or Maui. Oahu is nothing but cheap tourism.
Lisa | Ventura, CA
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- 6/22/2007
Small town in Hawaii
Wahiawa is a slow old-timey town in Hawaii, and is fairly close to the North Shore (where ...
Jaered | Salem, OR | No Replies

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