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Recently moved here in July
Star Rating - 10/27/2006
I recently moved to New Milford and once I got past the culture schock ( I am from New York city! ) I think that its a great place to live! I have to correct this site though and tell you that New Mil is a town of 30,000 people and growing. They renovated the downtown area which has this village feel now.. Education is good.. very safe place to live.. all in all.. a really good town.. There are talks about re-instating Rail service to the town so we'll keep our fingers crossed for that one!But I would definitely recommend!
Genny | Mount Vernon, NY
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Hi! there, Hows the standard of living in / around new milford ? Whats theer to do in winter ? Thx. RALL..
Rally | New Milford, CT | Report Abuse
- 5/18/2010
beautiful state, expensive, lots of taxes and laws...
Chris | New Milford, CT | No Replies

- 12/8/2009
Cost of living
Hi! there, Hows the rental property rates in / around new milford ? Wahts to do around th...
Rally | New Milford, CT | No Replies

- 1/20/2008
New Milford Point of View
We moved here in June of 2007 after spending the past 25 years in Alaska. Summer climate i...
Steven | New Milford, CT | No Replies

- 7/13/2006
Quality of life in New Milford, CT
I live in new Miloford for few years now, and I like many things about it. Edication is go...
Alex | New Milford, CT | 1 Reply

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