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Decades past its prime with no real future.
Star Rating - 8/2/2020
Shamokin, PA is an old coal town that's multiple decades past its prime. The area is growing with dilapidated and unsafe buildings while the city is bankrupt, unable to afford to keep the city clean.

Housing is inexpensive, but the majority of said housing need repairs. When you see the median housing average is "$32,000", that's for a townhouse that needs major renovations, has old wiring, uses newspapers for insulation in walls, has a very small yard (if any), etc... If you want a "move in ready" single house that needs little to no work, the market is well above what is considered reasonable for the area.

Renting is nearly non-existent in the area.

The job market is absurd as any type of career, outside of healthcare and retail sales. There is no booming job market within a 40 minute drive that will bring college graduates, or even experienced professionals, in. By "40 minute drive", I don't mean stuck in traffic for 80% of the commute. I mean a 40 minutes drive with little to no traffic.

Drugs have become more of a problem than it was even a few decades ago as there's no atmosphere conducive to a child's growth.
Douglas | Shamokin, PA
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- 11/27/2008
you want comments about shamokin?!
alright here is a comment unless you ar a raging alcoholic shamokin is the place where you...
jim | Shamokin, PA | 1 Reply

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