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Star Rating - 8/17/2008
Conyers has had some major changes take place over the past several years. Metro Atlanta people are moving to the subburs. The quality of the area is degrading. The schools are lacking and we are seeing a rise in crime because of this change in the area. Many of my friends are leaving the area due to these changes.
William | Conyers, GA
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Conyers schools ALWAYS make AYP! The schools are NOT lacking but there is a migration of other people from other places which can change the dynamics a bit. As long as you stay an active parent in your schools and home the change should not affect you. It might be contagious!
Japan | Conyers, GA

Becoming all black,quality of life going downhill fast,crime,drugs,bad schools....etc.The Orleans,Detroit,D.C.,Philly.Now you need to move 50 miles from town if you want normal quality of life for your family.
lisa | Raleigh, NC
- 4/5/2009
It is a good place
I dont know why you people think lakeview is such a bad neighborhood? it really isnt. Lake...
joel | Conyers, GA | No Replies

- 2/18/2009
Overall Conyers....................
Ive been living in Conyers for over 6 years now. I moved here from NYC. I love the locati...
Japan | Conyers, GA | No Replies

- 11/14/2008
If you like hot humid weather, this is the place for you. It has hot humid weather from ab...
Martha | Conyers, GA | No Replies

- 5/11/2008
Small City
The price of getting a home is very reasonably in Conyers,GA....
Nathaniel | Conyers, GA | No Replies

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