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Living here and what to expect
Star Rating - 2/29/2016
Mount Pleasant, like a lot of other small towns, has became congested and heavily populated. Traffic Is horrible and the infrastructure will not support any more population growth. It has became a "working town" other than a coastal town with character. Northern politics and northern folks have pretty much taking away from the southern charm of the area. Lived here all my life and watched it go bad, thank goodness i'm leaving! O'yeah...Why is it that "YANKEES" are so proud to be from up north, If it was so good...why did you leave!
Joe | Mount Pleasant, SC
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- 5/26/2016
Charleston :)
Charleston is an amazing place! I grew up there. Mt. Pleasant will be your most pretentiou...
Sarah | Front Royal, VA | No Replies

- 9/30/2013
Expensive to live here
Wages are low especially for professionals. Employers know you want to live near the beac...
Les | Mount Pleasant, SC | No Replies

- 7/17/2013
Best Place to live ever
My fiance and I moved here for less money because the quality of life is amazing. We love ...
Katy | Mount Pleasant, SC | No Replies

- 1/29/2010
Okay, So I might be a little bias because I am from Mount Pleasant(but now living in Miam...
Emily | Miami, FL | No Replies

- 12/6/2009
Climate in Mt. Pleasant, SC
I have lived in Mt. Pleasant, SC for over 6 years, and I think it has a great year round c...
George | Mount Pleasant, SC | No Replies

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