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Like a Sartre play with crawfish
Star Rating - 6/18/2022
Lived here 20 years, transplant from a dank Midwestern metropolis. For the first 15 years I was pretty much one of those rabid people foaming at the mouth whenever anyone dared critique the city. Then life happened. Job, house, kids, etc. Guess you could say I grew up. And this city ain’t for grownups who like things like stability, good quality of life, taxpayer funded services that actually work…that sorta stuff. This place is a hot miserable swamp half the year and then just plain broken the rest of the time. It’s an endless cycle of the same festivals over and over and the same people with the same ideas waxing poetic about “the good old days”. Like a Sartre play with crawfish.
Wanda | New Orleans, LA
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Hi! I agree with you. I wish I could go back 3 years ago and not have moved here. To me the best reason to move here is the mild winter. I've gotten very bored with the entire area. It got old to me within no time. There are only small towns to visit that are fairly close and the 3 biggest cities are 10 to 12 hours away. This place is hard to escape.
LISA | River Ridge, LA | Report Abuse

My wife and I have lived in the French Quarter for over 40 years and wouldn't dream of living anyplace else, even though it's like living in a third world country. We moved here from a house on the beach in Carmel, CA, and when we were at parties, people would ask " why would you move from lovely Carmel to dirty New Orleans?" My pat answer was always " I'd rather live someplace interesting and fun than someplace perfect and boring!" There are so many cultural elements - from the intricacies of a formal Mardi Gras Ball to the call and response of Congo Square to the Indians...all of which take years upon years of study to understand and appreciate. Sure, you can live an easier life in an asphalt jungle like Houston or Atlanta in a suburb where you just wave at your neighbors when you park your car in your driveway, but I prefer a city where you know and see almost all of your neighbors on a daily basis, primarily because you walk to do errands, not drive. I'd hate to live someplace where I'd have to drive or take public transportation. We have cars to evacuate for hurricanes, even though we've never done so and to go to Costco once a week. And this goes without saying the obvious - the food here is off the charts!
Jeffery | New Orleans, LA | Report Abuse
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