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The Lovely Stamford! Not Perfect, But Not That Bad
Star Rating - 9/27/2018
I've lived here for about 6 months and actually love it! I lived on Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn here and there for 11 years, and you definitely appreciate how much more space you get up here. I live in Glenbrook currently and, yes, it's no Long Island City or Brooklyn Heights, but people should give it more credit. You have the downtown life not too far away and it's right near the I-95 and the Merritt Parkway. There is a Fairway Market on Canal Street with a Spirits & Wine store connected right next to it. I never even knew that Fairway had such a thing! There is also a lovely beach not too far from there that I will be enjoying until it gets too cold.

I took one star off because of the cost of living. Wow, is it pricey here! I thought Brooklyn was bad. There are also not very many essential stores in the area like Home Depot, Walmart, but you do have Michaels! lol! Honestly, it's not all bad, but I want to start a family soon and I don't want it to be in Stamford. It is honestly too crowded and I see they plan on building more condos. "Let's build this roach colony bigger and bigger, so we make more money!" That's what I hear when I see all of the condos and apartment buildings going up. Even the actual houses on land have NO LAND! What is that about? You might as well live in an apartment. Love Stamford, but I'm thinking of heading deeper into CT to maybe Norwalk or New Haven. Honestly speaking, Stamford isn't the kind of place I would want to grow old. It's fun for right now while I am young and have no children.
Briana | Stamford, CT
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I liked your post. I moved here from Brooklyn 6 years ago because I could get a very nice apartment, near the metro north for about 1/3 the price of Brooklyn. One thought though: raising young kids in these big apartments is a GREAT idea because you don’t need to spend anytime on maintenance (and therefore have more time to be with family). There are so many kid friendly places within a 10 min drive it balances the lack of land. (The building I’m in had a lot shared outdoor spaces and pool so that helps too! It’s The Classic 25 Forest St in downtown. ) Now that my kids are older though (in school), I’m looking for a house... and and you really to go North to get land.
CJ | Stamford, CT
- 7/31/2017
Nice place but not for middle class
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crazy expensive
Fairfield county connecticut is the most expensive fully adjusted place to live in the con...
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Stamford exemplifies the death of middle-class fam
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- 3/11/2013
I don't feel comfortable offering an opinion about the city. I'm a member of the press and...
Maggie | Stamford, CT | No Replies

- 2/7/2011
Update later
Update later...
SC | Westport, CT | No Replies

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