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back in time.
Star Rating - 10/21/2017
I m a native of northern california. I came to New Mexico with my companion of many years, due to illness he was forced into an early retirement. He was born and raised in N.M. he went to california to follow his career. He had not seen his home state in over 15 yrs, I how still being employed put in for a job transfer. Thus is how we decided that on a small town in the southwest of N.M. Travel through the state is most interesting so much to see and do. Desert yes if you so desire but there are trees magnificent mountain ranges and so many interesting small towns and villages, yes villages. the pace of life is slower here and the locals can be a little reserved at first, since towns are small and everyone know everyone else for generations, new face bring question and curiosity all of which is soon replaced by smile and warm greeting soon everyone you meet you will meet again and all experiences are remembered so bring your best behavior with you and it will be given in return. The country can be rough mother nature is no joke out here fair weather can change to a down pour that can cause flash floods and hail the size if golf balls, but dont blink because it can be over that fast and sunshine the rest of the day. wild lightning shows with thunder to rattle you house. skiing mountain climbing caving desert exploration hiking hunting camping. The Land of Enchantment is right for if you ever plant your feet here you may never want to leave. folks here are of a more sincere kind. There are bad people everywhere you really receive what you give for the most part. I dont miss the traffic ,sirens, rude behavior,status mongering and anonymity of the big city. I came and I love it my only regret is not coming sooner. If you ever have a desire to see life at a more relaxed pace and live some where that when you arrive the neighbors come over to meet you and yes bring you cookies and chat, because that's what neighbors do. Maybe Ill see you here.
veronica | Alamogordo, NM
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- 10/21/2017
back in time.
I m a native of northern california. I came to New Mexico with my companion of many years,...
veronica | Alamogordo, NM | No Replies

- 10/27/2016
Land of entrapment
The only way to survive your stay in NM is to srT home while you plan to move out I came...
claire | Ogden, UT | 4 Replies

- 8/1/2016
Living in NM
I have lived in New Mexico for 6 months and I cant wait to leave, I have 4 months to move....
Mike | Rio Rancho, NM | No Replies

- 2/28/2016
No Comment
Just signed up to look for new place to retire and live on a budget. Love tennis....
Asher | Houston, TX | No Replies

- 12/9/2015
New Mexico is the worse place in the universe to l
After reading some of the listings about how good it is here, I say where? Unless you li...
Jim | Albuquerque, NM | No Replies

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