Review of Oelwein, Iowa

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Star Rating - 6/5/2009
Oelwein is a decent city with above-average schools that is attempting to right a somewhat negative image. I lived there for seven years after living in several similar-sized communities and the people are the most genuine I have ever been around - they make the community.
The community has a beautiful new library and a relatively new theater and wellness center (though membership is pricey).
For a town this size there are a lot of good places to eat, no matter what you like. Good Italian food, Chinese food and Mexican food are on the main block downtown, not to mention the traditional American grub.
Shopping choices leave a little bit to be desired. Downtown is dominated by second-hand stores; small, quaint shops just don't seem to make it. There's a decent big-box, and the city has tried to draw businesses, but people don't buy from them.
Also be careful of where you live - for a town this size there are a lot of bad places. Though the town has attempted to crack down on the drug culture, it is still there.
John | Vinton, IA
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