Review of Edinburgh, Indiana

THE BIG OE!!!!!!
Star Rating - 9/28/2008
i live in edinburgh indiana and our best feature is the POLAR POPS!!!! if you want to meet soemone dont get on the internet just walk down town set on the libary steps and someone will eventually drive by and offer $20 for you to get n the car. now what you do from that point on is your business. we have a circle k and they have these awesome grandmas cookies that are only 60 cents so buy one fast..if you dont have enough money for a polar pop(which most people dont) do what we do! fill the cup up and drink it then throw the cup away and walk out. and dont worry the workers do it too! so come walk downtown with us!!! and usuallly you wont fit in unless u have a tattoo that says OE
sharon | Edinburgh, IN
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