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Good quality of life
Star Rating - 4/25/2010

Los Alamos is an interesting place to live with a high quality of life. Volcanic eruptions have created the beautiful surrounding mountains and mesas. There is lots of evidence of prehistoric Pueblo Indian occupation. Beautiful Santa Fe is 45 minutes away.

I have lived in Los Alamos for 30 years. It is a small community that has a defense National Lab as it's major employer. Once University of California ran Los Alamos National Lab. Then Los Alamos had a University town feel then. During George Bush's administration Bechtel, a multinational corporation is now managing it. The town is coming to feel like more of a military town. It is a safe low crime town.

The town is high elevation with a ski hill, ice rink, golf course, history museum, Bandelier National Monument, science museum, UNM branch, movie theater. The library is excellent. The staff super. There is a free bus that runs around the down town and between the outlaying suburb of White Rock and the outer lying mesa tops.

Because of the Lab, there is a high concentration of scientists and engineers. At my work christmas party there was a wide assortment of people which is interesting. It is not uncommon to meet a person here who designs nuclear weapons and attends Catholic church and finds no conflict between the day job and Sunday services.

The dry thin air is a problem for me and I find I fantasize about moving closer to a coastline. I'm considering moving to the Olympic Peninsula.
viv | Los Alamos, NM
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