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Review of Ithaca, New York

Ithaca is great (if you don't want to date).
Star Rating - 4/27/2018
I think Ithaca is a superb community. The city is beautiful, there are tons of things to do and it's a hub for learning. The natural surroundings are exquisite. Parks are superb! It's liberal, progressive, and a fine place to raise a family. I would not recommend moving here if you're over 40 and single, however. You will not find dates here. You will find people who rarely look at you unless they know you already. You'll find a large population of folks under 30 and a lot of retired folks. You'll find lots of married people with beautiful children. And if you try online dating, you'll find lots of mentally ill men between the ages of 40 and 60. If you're a white straight woman with her sanity intact and you have the slightest bit of self-respect, you will not find a date in this town unless you look like Gemma Arterton and you're in your 20s. Sorry. It's true.
geekwriter | Ithaca, NY
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I think this phenomenon exists everywhere in the US outside of major cities. If you're single and over 30 something forget the suburbs college towns and the so called beautiful rural area. Adirondacks Catskills etc. It's NYC as tough as that is to acknowledge if you're single and want exposure to large numbers of other educated singles over a certain age. These other places are for families ( I really hate the "great place to raise a family"), mantra, retirees, ( another dreaded demographic), empty nester's (yikes), and of course the college kids that will only exist in their 17 to 22 year old bubbles.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

Truth. I've been here for 1.5 years now and my lease ends in July 2021. I am planning now my next destination - I would leave now if not for my lease. I also find it a difficult housing economy if you like to rent. Rental housing for students and the very wealthy and very little in between - but I think this is reflective of the social demographic here. Also, little variety in terms of live music and eateries. Also, it is an hour-hour and half to get to any major music venue or department stores/upscale shopping. Ithaca sells itself as one thing but is very much another and does not live up to any hype EXCEPT that it is beautiful countryside here.
Tracey | Atlanta, GA | Report Abuse

TU for your honest review.
Pietro | Long Beach, CA | Report Abuse
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