Review of Augusta, Montana

Star Rating - 4/21/2012
Augusta is a quaint little town. It is unincorporated so we have no mayor, no leash law for dogs, no curfew, no local law enforcement(only county), no regular trash pickup(just a landfill dump with a weekly schedule, no convenience stores and no supermarkets...and we love it that way. We appreciate it when new people move to our community and keep their opinions to themselves, don't try to change everything and mind their own business. It keeps our community 'ours' and maintains the reasons outsiders want to move here. Three common origins of people that are not quite sure how this works are California, Chicago and California....oh yeah and Kalispell, Whitefish, Hamilton, Missoula, ...pretty much any town from west of the continental divide in Montana.
mike | Augusta, MT
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