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Great in theory.
Star Rating - 3/29/2018
I have spent over a decade living in Powder Springs and if you take anything from my review let it be it's a great place to live if you have money and are Caucasian but I terrible place to live if you are a minority or work unskilled labor.

The pros: almost every backyard is beautiful, the schools are well funded with caring faculty particularly Hillgrove and Lovinggood in my experience, also the city gets beautiful seasonal changes and snow annually. It's so safe you can leave your doors unlocked at night and sleep easy.

Cons: The teachers care but there aren't many social support systems to help low income individuals rise into middle class like there are in the West.

If you black cops WILL follow you. No joke Christmas Day 2010 I'm walking home with an empty backpack I used to bring my friend a gift, I'm listening to my headphones as I walk home and I turn around and a cop is pointing a gun at me. Fortunately I just walked into my backyard so my mom rushes out and tells him I live here so I don't get shot. But he claims there were robberies nearby and I fit the description(black).

You need a car to work, but have to work to get a car, considering everything is so spread out in Georgia as its all suburb, it's a major catch-22 that keeps you in a rut if you're low-income.

It's either a skilled trade or 8.25$ an hour, I think you spend like 1/3rd the month to just to cover your rent here.

In spring you WILL get severe allergies as the pollen turns the air yellow. In the fall all the leaf fires will do something similar. In summer the air feels like soup, the winter is bone chilling cold.

In general I feel a heavy depression whenever I return to Powder springs as although it's a beautiful town with friendly people, if you aren't already rich when you get there the city will beat you down and they have no resources to help you climb up so it will keep you in a loop indefinitely. In my experience the west lends you helping hands all along the way they just ask you to extend one back when you get to the middle class.

Edward | Powder Springs, GA
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