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Making Progress!
Star Rating - 4/5/2019
Rockford has made great strides in the past 20 years. Downtown used to be a ghost town. Now, there are activities almost every weekend. City government has worked to bring restaurants and hotels to the downtown area. Keep it up!
Peter | South Beloit, IL
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The corrupt selfish cops are the ones who make it so bad.. its basically a city ran by a gang with unlimited power.
Max | South Beloit, IL | Report Abuse
- 12/10/2020
Love it
I've lived here my whole life . I love it....
Ariele | Rockford, IL | No Replies

- 5/26/2019
Property Taxes Will Kill You
I was raised in the area and lived here 3/4 of my life. Rockford has definitely made ef...
Kristin | Belvidere, IL | No Replies

- 1/10/2019
shwizity wicked spot
I grew up here in good Ol' Rockford IL and i think it's pretty epic. but ya know, haters g...
clarisse | Rockford, IL | 1 Reply

- 7/21/2017
SO much to do!!!!
The Park district and golf courses are beautiful & so affordable. The downtown is boomin' ...
Carrie | Rockford, IL | No Replies

- 3/13/2016
Property. taxes
We are planning on moving. This city is raping its citizens on property taxes and they are...
Drake | Rockford, IL | 1 Reply

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