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a nice small town but not for everyone.
Star Rating - 6/27/2007
i am originally from arizona, abandoned here by my ex husband. being a minority in the area is not the best idea as this city is slow to accept new comers to the area. Brookings citizens pride themselves as a friendly community but from my personal experiences here, there are critieras to be met. 1. must be a never swaying christian, 2. must have a norwegian or german background ( simply put you must look caucasian to some degree) and 3. lastly one is not fully accepted as a single parent as it an automated exclusion from the community.
for things to do here, absolutely nothing considering it is a small farm town. during the summer months the area pool is open, students play all summer sports knowing that at winter sentences all community members to indoors only faced with months of isolation if there are no family or friends to visit.
maria | Brookings, SD
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- 7/8/2013
The Best City in South Dakota, no, America!
The 165-foot tall Coughlin Campanile in Brookings, SD, can be seen from miles away, markin...
Ginger Thomson | Brookings, SD | No Replies

- 4/16/2009
Nice Midwestern Town
Nice Midwestern Town!...
Michael | Brookings, SD | No Replies

- 12/24/2006
Economics, Housing, Misc.
There are three main manufacturers in Brookings - 3M (their main medical plant), Daktronic...
Abhd | Brookings, SD | No Replies

- 5/4/2006
clean town
Brookings has plennty of parks and is a nice clean town. Several nearby lakes offer good r...
Jordan | Brookings, SD | No Replies

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