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Looking forward
Star Rating - 1/21/2011
I selected this area because this is where the house was (that I wanted) and because my children live in surrounding states within driving distance (if you like to drive). It's a very small town with few amenities; certainly not what I'm used to. It has served an important purpose for my family, but I am looking elsewhere for a healthier, more interesting place. That's why I love your reference books.
Chef | Savannah, TN
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Hi, If you are still in Savannah and considering other areas, have you visited Wilmington NC? The unemployment is much better and there are equally beautiful historic homes, at even lower prices. If you are a chef or in the culinary industry, there are all sorts of creative, independently owned eats and cafes- we would love to have another!
Samira | Wilmington, NC | Report Abuse
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