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Star Rating - 5/22/2017
I have lived in over 100 places and homes..even as a child my parents lived moving every few years..i learned to live that too..getting new ideas for decorating and new places to eat drink coffee and clean at my age i am done with miving and need stability.. I chose Delray beach ,
Florida. Its amazing quality of life for liw money..beach is free..people music friday nights and lots of fairs to walk around and try new food art clothes. Restaurants open to real late and on sidewalks. I live the atmosphere there.. I am a movie theatre fan.. Always went with my dad before he went to heaven. Now i go to movies at either the palace in boca raton or delray marketplace..i think the best in the world..really.... Thats it. My plate is love laugh...
Dyan | Summit Park, UT
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Hi, I’m considering moving to Delray Beach. The only factor that’s making me reconsider my decision are all those warnings everywhere about the high crime rates on the area. The sober homes and rehab facilities... Has this affected you?
Claudia | Upper East Side, NY | Report Abuse
- 5/20/2020
Cost of Living Higher than Stated
Great place to live, however, the school system isn't great. You really need to pick Boca...
John | Delray Beach, FL | No Replies

- 4/4/2017
The new "Star" of Florida..
The area has been totally regentrified over the past 10 years. It's outdoor cafe's and res...
L | Delray Beach, FL | No Replies

- 10/1/2016
Delray Crime
High crime city with over 850 sober homes and over 1200 rehab facilities in this city alo...
Kyle | Delray Beach, FL | 2 Replies

- 9/28/2016
Delray Beach review
Delray is the rehab capital of the world. I have seen so many sober homes and drug addicts...
Kyle | Delray Beach, FL | 1 Reply

- 1/7/2016
Al's Quality Custom Frameless Shower & Tub Enclosu
Al's Quality is always aware of the latest trend and techniques when choosing the finest m...
luciano | Delray Beach, FL | 1 Reply

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