Review of Darlington, Indiana

Drug Problem in Darlington
Star Rating - 9/18/2010
There's a major drug problem in the little town of Darlington & no one is doing anything about it. Underage kids are getting their hands on weed so easily it's ridiculous. Why isn't anyone doing anything about this problem? We were living in the country but our home burned down so we moved into town & we cannot wait to get out of here. We have 2 teenage sons who have been a mess since we moved into town & we never had any problems with them until we moved into town. They tell us how easy it is to get it & that pretty much all the kids in town are doing drugs! Something needs to be done about the easy access to drugs for our kids. My boys won't tell me where they're getting it b/c of the consequences of being a nark! I'm fed up b/c no one will do anything about it
Marlene | Darlington, IN
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