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Star Rating - 6/29/2013
Jackson County, Georgia is considered the worst county in GA to reside in. The politicians, county manager, sheriff's dept., local police departments, etc. have all been found to be corrupt.
29% of children in Jackson County actually graduate from high school & they are encouraged to drop out. Education is not considered of any value in this county.
The average teen pregnancy age is 13. She will have a baby, go on welfare & by the time she is 15 will have another baby, hence, the cycle continues.
A very large part of the population exists on welfare, which also extends from generation to generation. An extreme amount of families are on disability,(everyone in the family), the parent's get disability for whatever reason they can dream up, while the children are mainly diagnosed with ADD & receive disability payments for that. It is rather funny that medication for ADD can be taken & a child will function normally, but, I guess it doesn't work that way here.
The county is cluttered with abandoned houses that are falling apart, also houses & trailers that people reside in, are actually junk yards, you can barely even see the home. Trucks & cars sit on concrete blocks in people's front yards for years as we watch the grass grow up around them until the grass is higher than the vehicle.

Women in Jackson County are considered inconsequential, they are supposed to exist & stay bare foot & pregnant. Heaven forbid that a woman has an education & may be more intelligent than the people running the county. I happen to have 2 law degrees & have questioned them on many issues, lets just say that they weren't very happy & have done quite a few things to try to make sure that I didn't open my mouth again. I don't back down & their threats do not scare me.

We can move on to what happens in Jackson County if you have pets or are an animal lover & try to help the thousands of dogs & cats that are running free, due to abandonment, getting loose or running away & also hundreds of groups of feral dogs. I was told by the one(yes, I said one) animal control officer & the county manager that "this is Georgia, we consider dogs the same as we consider rats, we don't care".

There is so much more to say, but I'm sure this will never be printed anywhere, but it would be nice if someone would check out these facts. People are moving out of Jackson County in droves, industry from other states that have made potential deals to move their companies to Jackson County have backed out & will keep doing so. When they find out what Jackson County is really like, not the lies told to them by the Chamber of Commerce, they have no interest in moving here.
Debra | Hoschton, GA
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