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Big City Crime Rate in a little town
Star Rating - 6/20/2016
We said good-bye to our downtown place and moved here recently from a city metroplex with a population of six million. People warned us that the crime was bad but I laughed it off because we were living downtown in a city much larger than Savannah. We were totally wrong. We are renting in a neighborhood near downtown that everyone keeps telling us is so fantastic. Their definition of fantastic is severely distorted. In the two months we have been here there have been three homicides within three blocks of us, one police standoff six blocks of us and we hear gunshots at least once a week. There are mansions two streets over and the houses on this street range from $275000 and up. I can't even imagine living somewhere any cheaper if this is fantastic. If you look at a crime map of Savannah, it's basically polka dot. It doesn't matter where you live here, you are screwed. CNN did a story on the high crime rate in Savannah recently that had everyone defending their beloved town. These people are so clueless thanks to their local news ignoring important stuff like when a U.S. Marshal was injured by a guy who purposely smashed his truck into him and tried to hit another US Marshal. These are U.S. Marshals! That was a 30 second story that we never heard about again. They don't want to scare off the tourists so they rarely report anything upsetting; it's usually festivals, the weather or road closings. I'm so insulted for these people. I actually read in the paper that they plan on solving the high crime rate using shame. That's right, I said SHAME. Where the hell am I??
M | Savannah, GA
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I appreciate the reality posts. I'm not a tourist. Relocation is why I read all the posts. too many think reality is unimportant. I'm not one of those people. Thanks for the real thing.
Van | Paradise, NV | Report Abuse

You seem rather miserable..so why not move. Leave it to those people who seem to enjoy the place and the lives they've created for themselves. seems the town existed before you and will likely be there after you.....so the solution is move. Go back to the City ...where you are the most comfortable. You made a mistake..own it and make yourself and the people of Savannah happy by moving.
henry | Oak Park, IL | Report Abuse

Why don't you do yourself a favor and move rather than complaining incessantly. Leave it to the folk who apparently like it there and their cluelessness as you characterize it!!!
henry | Oak Park, IL | Report Abuse

Shame? LMAO Yeah, that's the south alright - shame and "send them to church."
Brian | Columbia, SC | Report Abuse

I whole-heartedly agree with Van A. Love the climate and the quaintness, but will not move there because of the crime. Thanks for the real thing.
Ray | Decatur, IL | Report Abuse

Are you still in Savannah? We also visited, but decided to buy in Wilmington NC. If you are considering moving, Wilmington offers much of the same historic appeal as Savannah but the vibe is more small business friendly. You’re still near the beach, but the opportunities career wise are greater... plus we have the film industry. Good luck with your search.
Samira | Wilmington, NC | Report Abuse
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