Review of Bolton, Connecticut

Good Morning Bolton Town
Star Rating - 7/6/2016
Warning: Do not move here if you have a child with a disability or learning problem. Not only will you not be accepted; your whole family will be treated liked lepers. You and your disabled (or Not so perfect in their eyes child) and any other children you have will be alienated from this community; which, in itself might not be a bad thing ;but to have to constantly be inundated with misnomers as to what a great place this is and how it is like a family, and how everyone rallies around and helps their neighbors is enough to make one want to continually vomit. Fake, mean people; who teach their children to be fake and mean. No kindness or compassion unless you are a part of their special club.
Save yourself and your family from disillusionment and heartbreak. Do not move here unless you are like the rest-PERFECT.
Teresa | Bolton, CT
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