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Not what it was....
Star Rating - 9/17/2010
Enfield is broken into 2 parts Hazardville and Thompsonville. I grew up in Hazard and it was a decent place to live, not great, but decent. Tville was not a very good place, but really not bad either.

A lot has changed in 25 years. TVille is really nasty area. A lot of low income people from Springfield and Hartford have moved in and made it a place for drugs and gang members to thrive. Hazardville has also seen a decline, because of this.

I would not recommand anyone that wants to raise a family move to Enfield. over taxed, teacher run the town, but we have a poor school system. Way to many cops on the payrool, but crime continues to escalate.

they need to get rid of the section 8 housing in T-Ville, make the place a huge park or expensive condo's. It's a run down heavan for criminal activity. An eye sore to those who grew up there.
Chris | Enfield, CT
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- 5/8/2014
Property lots are small, houses are too close...
Theresa | Enfield, CT | No Replies

- 2/25/2011
fun times...
Amanda | Enfield, CT | No Replies

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