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Leaving the warmth of Florida for the cold of New
Star Rating - 1/20/2008
When people find out my wife and I left beautiful and warm Boca Raton, Fl. for Litchfield, Ct. they think we're crazy. I tell them it's not only about the weather. Doing the opposite of what most people do(head north as we get older instead of south) was definitely the right thing to do. People here go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and help in any way they can. As you walk through town, you can't help but notice how pleasant people are, how every merchant takes the time to decorate their storefronts with beautiful flowers no matter what season it is, and how mindful people are of one another (talking on a phone is kept to a minimum, litter is put in it's proper place, manners on the roads go beyond courteous). Aside from all these wonderful qualities, the area is filled with historic homes and buildings, wherever you drive is a visual paradise and there are numerous places to eat with delicious foods to satisfy everyone's appetite and pocketbook. There is abundant wildlife, horseback riding, skiing, numerous lakes and beautiful inns and bed 'n breakfast places to stay for a weekend or longer. Anyone looking to be within two hours of New York City for either a primary or secondary home, have a town that offers live theatre, antiques, galleries and anyting else you could think of for people of all ages, has very highly rated public schools and some of the best private schools in the country, this is the place. Just remember, if you do come here, you would do well just to blend in and keep a low profile. That's the way people like it up here. I love it!
steve | Litchfield, CT
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