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Review of Tupelo, Mississippi

Tupelo- poem from Reflections of a Mississippi Ma
Star Rating - 12/29/2008
The small town where I am from,
Gets its name from the Tupelo Gum.
No matter where in the world
That I might roam
This is the place that I call home.
Though I've been notheast for my education,
I've stayed fiercely southern in dedication.
In Memphis , I lived for many years,
By my own election,
And even still, there was tht Tupelo connection.
At Elvis' Graceland fans come to mourn,
But it's Tupelo,Mississippi where he was born.
Tupelo is known as an All-American city,
If you've never enjoyed it, that's quite a pity.
It's so warm, so hospitable and so neat,
Everything about it to me is so sweet.
I love the trees, the flowers and birds,
I can't really describe all its beauty in words.
Though many places in my life
Have played a significant part
It's Tupelo, Mississippi, y'all
That still has all my heart.

Copyright 2008 Patricia Neely-Dorsey
from Reflections of a Mississippi-A life in Poems

Bp | Tupelo, MS
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