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Not for me
Star Rating - 9/5/2018
I’ve lived here my whole life and the crime/drug rate keeps going up. This area is starting to go downhill. Not to mention the property taxes are crazy.
Courtney | Bristol, VA
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- 3/31/2019
Life hack if you are new to the area
Eat and live on the TN side, shop on the VA side. ...
Brad | Bristol, VA | No Replies

- 9/1/2018
If you’re on meth then it’s the town for you!
Lived here my whole life basically and this place is going downhill. It’s a drug area. Mos...
Courtney | Bristol, VA | No Replies

- 5/19/2018
Fast growing retirement community
Most industry has left, mostly minimum wage jobs in retail or fast food. No sustainable in...
Anthony | Bristol, VA | No Replies

- 10/21/2011
Beautiful but Boring
The terrain of this place is beautiful. You can see mountains and hills. If you like a s...
Lisa | Lexington, KY | No Replies

- 3/5/2011
Tremendous four season mountain weather with little snow...
Matthew | Bristol, VA | No Replies

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