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Nice and quiet - but drugs are rampant here - oxyc
Star Rating - 1/15/2015
I'm active duty and moved here about 16 months ago for a permanent change of duty station. My family and I were looking for a nice quiet place that was safe and cost of living was good.
Well due to injuries sustained overseas I have chronic pain and it was impossible to find a Doctor here because if you are on ANY pain medications they will not take you on as a new patient.... if you are planning on coming here please call a few doctors and see for yourself. We did find a GREAT Doctor - DR. Bryan Smithson MD. What a wonderful Doctor.
But before I could see him, i had to get an intrathecal pain pump implanted to control my pain and was completely off all oral pain meds. The health care is very antiquated up here just be warned.
Living up here is very nice - especially in the spring and fall. This is a tourist town and the population triples or more come summer. People are reserved and not particularly friendly. The school - my daughter is in honors classes and she comes home and tells of people smoking dope and doing drugs IN THE CLASS ROOM.... this is supposed to be a good school.....but the drugs are overlooked. there is a lot of racism between the Native American and other ethnic populations. There are places you definitely don't want to go if you are not native american
Cost of living is pricy (and we came from living in Miami)
Commander Jeff | Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ
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