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living in Casper
Star Rating - 10/18/2010
It is a small town easy to navigate. Its more suitable to Caucasians with interest in skiing and hunting.
Viola | Casper, WY
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- 4/5/2019
Hate; my struggle
This place is the worst!!! all men here are backwards and dumb! i want a strong liberal ma...
Kade | Casper, WY | 7 Replies

- 11/27/2018
Bad Weather
This review will be a bit opinionated. The main thing for me is the weather. I hate it....
Jackson | Casper, WY | No Replies

- 3/2/2017
Horrible place to live
After living in Ft Collins CO, Casper is truly a dump. I looked for a house for 12 month...
Ray | Loveland, CO | 1 Reply

- 11/5/2014
Casper Weather
As a lifelong resident of Casper, I feel it's only fair to let people know that we do have...
Sue | Casper, WY | No Replies

- 9/17/2012
Sunshine and wind
If you love sunshine almost everyday you'll love Casper however the intense wind that we e...
Steven | Casper, WY | No Replies

- 11/5/2011
The people are very rude up here but there education is great up here compared where I liv...
Tara | Casper, WY | No Replies

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