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I love Spokane!
Star Rating - 11/5/2019
Spokane is a wonderful place to live, work, and play. The people are down to earth and friendly. It's very easy to get around and doesn't have the bad traffic of a big city. There are tons of beautiful city parks - pretty much every neighborhood has at least one nice park. There are lots of options for food, going out, and entertainment. Spokane gets a lot of musical and other arts that come to the various venues. I've always felt very safe here and don't have to worry about crime. The area surrounding Spokane includes many opportunities for outdoor recreation, whether it's boating on one of the many nearby lakes, camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. Being from the Seattle and Portland area, Spokane has felt more like home to me because it's very laid back. I would really recommend Spokane as a nice alternative for folks looking to move away from a bigger city. If you are coming from a smaller town, you'll appreciate the "home town" feeling here.
Danielle | Spokane, WA
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Hi, if I earn $25/hour will I be considered poor in Spokane? I am single and plan to live there. Is $50k a year a good income in Spokane? Thank you :)
Ty | Canby, OR
- 11/18/2019
Hi, if I earn $25/hour will I be considered poor in Spokane? I am single and plan to live ...
Ty | Canby, OR | 1 Reply

- 11/4/2019
Schools, yes. Raise a family,eh.
I have lived in other cities, but Spokane is where my family lives. I was raised here, le...
Sandra | Spokane, WA | No Replies

- 11/3/2019
Mentally Ill white supremacist low income joke
Lived in area growing up as a boy then left for ten year until I was in need of some recov...
Rikki | Spokane Valley, WA | 1 Reply

- 10/8/2019
Absolutely No Recommendation.
Spokane is one type of location where you are straight up advised to find a better place t...
Zhdan | New York, NY | 1 Reply

- 9/29/2019
Dark negative cloud
Portland and Seattle had a baby and the baby is retarded. They named their baby Spokane....
Julia | Grants, NM | 2 Replies

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