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Do your homework before moving here??
Star Rating - 4/16/2019
Every comment on this feed is true about Indianapolis. I’m just adding my two! This city has jobs yes. Decent housing yes. Public transportation is becoming more convenient. Pot holes galore, DEEP ONES! I mean the ones that literally pisses you off, and they will not reimburse,.if they do it takes MONTHS! The growth is coming from Michigan, and Illinois..BAD NEWS! Multiple murders daily. Shootings every day of the week, especially when we get the first brush of good weather. “Good places” like the Monon Trail, and the newer edition of the Canal downtown is made for people to jog,bike,enjoy nature..and suddenly you get robbed or attacked. Most people are rude, mean, and defensive. Don’t get me wrong there are nice people here, but to me personally it’s not worth it if you can’t really enjoy where you live.
Maurice | Indianapolis, IN
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Murders daily? Hmmm...another fact scientist. There is a reason it is called Hoosier Hospitality. Maybe you need to find better friends.
P | Franklin, IN
- 7/13/2019
Bottom feeder city
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Terrible, Horrible, Sad excuse of a small city...
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boring city
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gambler550 | Avon, IN | No Replies

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