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Don't live in Deltona
Star Rating - 6/13/2019
Ive been here 2 years in an old house.The rent is high,gas is high here.Worse than Orl.Barely any good resteraunts and I got stuck paying water & sewage which is 200 every month. I am so disgusted.Live in an old area and pay so much.I will never buy here and it's ugly.Schools are not very good either.
Hollie | Sorrento, FL
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- 6/13/2019
Cont.Dont live in Deltona
P.S. crime is getting bad as well.Dont be deceived lock your doors and don't just open to ...
Hollie | Sorrento, FL | No Replies

- 1/17/2018
Best location in Central Florida
Deltona is the best place to live in Central Florida regarding your primary residence. Rel...
Florida Realtor | Deltona, FL | No Replies

- 7/18/2016
How is the school system?
I live in NYC and in need of a major change, how is the school system? I have a five year ...
Anthony | Bronx, NY | No Replies

- 3/7/2016
Thinking about it
My wife and I are thinking about relocating to Deltona from Rhode Island. I know i is war...
Jim | Cranston, RI | 2 Replies

- 1/29/2016
Finding it impossible to move out of Miami for lac
What did I read about hard to find healthcare for seniors in Deltona?? We are trying to mo...
Vivian | Miami, FL | No Replies

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