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Run Away, Run Away!!!
Star Rating - 10/11/2021
Definitely the worst city I have ever lived in. The people here are scum, and if they aren't scum yet, they become it. All sites lie. The price for housing is so much higher than the rest of the country. The streets throughout haven't been maintained in decades. The underground water and sewer systems are on the verge of collapsing- to which the solution is to raise the price of utilities over the course of 5 to 6 years, and hide that money until theres enough to fix it. I do not believe it has that many years left. You can immediately tell if it's a good part of town, or if you better hit the gas pedal and fly out of there. Because of rapid rise in uncontrolled housing, utilities etc, there are a lot of homeless people. And they aren't in the city, they find shelter in the suburbs, areas you might not expect them in - and the city doesn't help them. Everything is just old here. Unkept homes, areas of empty buildings for blocks, where life hasn't touched in years. Trash everywhere (both the kind you throw away, and a lot of the people here too). Local sales tax sky rocketed to 8.5% (highest in florida.... where Orlando ranges between 6-7%). Even Uber rides are more expensive here. Lowest cost on even the shortest trip no matter which time or day, you'll find no less than $9. Leaving from the airport, then expect to throw down between $16-$40, even if just going down the street. Utilities from Electric to Internet, are all controlled by monopoly companies (TECO - Spectrum). If you happen to find an area where you get a choice, however, you'll still be choosing the monopoly b/c the competitors can't keep up. They'll boost about themselves being lowest cost saving you, the customer money on one bill. And then next month's bill, you're now paying for a new fee tacked on to everyones' bill, and the cost per KW has risen. In the 3 years I've been here, single, my electric has always ranged between $50 to $85, and now suddenly, during a non-summer month with their new fee, I'm pushing close to $100. And lets not forget trash fees - usually these are about 8 times what you'll pay in water. I'm charged between $39-$45 a month. (much higher than other cities in Florida).
In conclusion, Tampa sucks. It's dirty. It's old. High crime. Over priced. And has the worst care with pets I have ever seen, with thousands missing a day due to negligence on the owner's part. I would highly recommend scratching this rat's hole off your list and implore everyone to look elsewhere. Once you're here, they trap you to stay.
MICHAEL | Egypt Lake-Leto, FL
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Michael, you sound very disgruntled; Youre experiences sound way worse than it is and if its that bad then why not move? Simply move to NPR or Bradenton or Orlando......I live in Central Tampa (Wellswood neighborhood) and right off Hillsborough Ave - one of the busiest street in the entire state and I have NONE of these issues as you start - sure I have Spectrum (so what, I prefer them over Comcast anyway), TECO runs my electric and thats all good too and easy to work with if ya call em if youre guy, if you are that miserable about it move to a different city or state
Corey | Chicago, IL | Report Abuse
- 1/24/2022
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