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It's not that bad
Star Rating - 9/22/2008
I'm fairly young but I grew up in this city, and it's not that bad. Some people say it's dangerous and I beg to differ. If you come from the suburbs perhaps you may feel threatened here, but if you've lived in a city and have street smarts you'll be fine. The quality of life here depends on where you live, downtown is great, if you have a lot of money, plus it's very close to NYC. Otherwise, there are other neighborhoods that are worth considering, like the Heights, Greenville and Society Hill. I grew up in LaFayette, but you may want to stay away from there. The city is quickly progressing and becoming better. My only fear is that the poorer parts of the city will be left behind.
Doryn | Jersey City, NJ
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- 7/18/2013
no comment...
ursula | Jersey City, NJ | No Replies

- 6/23/2009
My home town, Jersey City
Jersey City has improved over the past 10-15 years, especially Downtown Jersey City. It ha...
jean | Jersey City, NJ | No Replies

- 7/22/2008
for getting to and from NYC and to the suburbs, Jersey City is great. 6 minutes into Manh...
Marcia | Jersey City, NJ | No Replies

- 3/23/2008
Jersey City is large enough to have very different areas when it comes to quality of life....
Ben | Jersey City, NJ | No Replies

- 3/5/2008
Interesting Place to Live
I love Jersey City! It is so close to Manhattan so you have all that NYC has to offer, ri...
Jill | Jersey City, NJ | No Replies

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