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Review of Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagged Out
Star Rating - 5/12/2009
As a long time resident of Flagstaff I feel qualified to say it ain't what it used to be. Train horns blast incessantly day and night causing us not to be able to open our windows at night in the summer and waking us up all night long. Cost of living very high, wages very low. Unresponsive city governemnt to citizen's needs. After 30 years here we're moving to another State. You can have the pine tress-that's all Flagstaff has left of itself.
Lindy | Flagstaff, AZ
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Amen to that! Local gov sells its soul for tourists, doesn't give a damn about the locals!
Dave | Flagstaff, AZ

gee, i stayed 3 days at hotel in flagstaff and never noticed a single train whistle.... kinda sukkz when people trash cities based on one specific area or circumstance and leave out all the pertinent details
jon | Pueblo, CO

We were thinking of moving to Flagstaff after retirement and are wondering if you finally did move.
Paul | New Braunfels, TX
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