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Virginia Beach: Military Suburban Sprawl
Star Rating - 4/16/2010
I have been living in Virginia Beach now for about 3.5 years and unfortunately I do not like it. I find Virginia Beach and South Hampton Roads in general to be boring and lacking in true diversity (despite the military presence here). I also do not find the people here to be very friendly. People are pretty aggressive and not in a good way... and having been born and raised in the North East that's really saying something. This is definitely a military town and you will not fit in unless you are connected to the military or have close family that is. Unfortunately, I have also experienced what I feel is subtle prejudice.

The good about Virginia Beach? This city has a lot of trees! Beautiful trees. Also, the beach is close by and while the abundance of mis-matched hotel chains screw up the natural beauty of the beach, it is still very nice to scroll down the Virginia Beach boardwalk during the off seasons.
Christine | Virginia Beach, VA
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