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Star Rating - 3/5/2014
I am a native Texan, however I have traveled all over the world in my professional career. The one thing I have found common about everywhere I've traveled is that you normally receive what you submit. I try to never judge a person at our initial introduction (regardless of their dress or word pronunciation). I've met good people everywhere I've traveled and some not so good one's along the way. The not so good one's I elect not to build a relationship with, however, if I meet them on the street I do greet them pleasantly and proceed on my way.

Another thing in common with all the places I traveled is jails, weed, booze and ladies of the evening. In all these places I had a choice, be involved with these elements or choose not to be involved. Is America great, or what, you do have a choice.

Although I never been to Newport, TN, I have driven past it on I40. I have never seen a more beautiful place anywhere. It's apparent to me that GOD loves Newport, TN ... you just don't make the land that beautiful unless you love it!

I look forward to visiting Newport, TN.
Wayne | Huntsville, TX
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