Review of Newport News, Virginia

Not Horrible, but not great either
Star Rating - 7/9/2018
Reading a lot of other reviews here I can agree and understand a lot of the negative sentiment. NPN has some crime. Just about as much as any other place from what I've seen. NPN has slightly lower salaries than the surrounding communities like Virginia Beach and Richmond. NPN doesn't have a profound culture. Its a military town with some nautical culture because of the shipyard in town. I've lived in other places in Virginia as well as California. Nicer places than Newport News and better ones. Newport News is just an average city in every sense of the word, but its getting better slowly. From public park initiatives to new businesses cropping up, if you've spend any time here from 2000 till now you can see that things are getting a bit better. (I've had family that lived nearby) New restaurants new entertainment ventures, new shopping experiences. There are still a lot of places with a lot more to do, but you won't be unhappy here if you take the time to explore and get to know the city. My advice, if you are thinking of moving here for a couple years.. go for it. Its not a horrible place. If opportunity or family call you else where, I cant see too much of a reason to stick around. Its that kind of city.. Come here when you have to, leave when you can. I'm not going to buy a house here or stick around for too many years, just nothing to cling to here besides my job, and like i said earlier, if opportunity comes along it wont be too hard for me to move on.
adrian | Gloucester, VA
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not that bad
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Hampton roads sucks all the way around
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