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Downtown Newnan a Great Place to Live
Star Rating - 4/28/2008
I grew up in large and small cities overseas as a government 'brat' and also spent more than 10 years on the West Coast in Portland, OR. I moved to Newnan 11 years ago and my husband and I have a daughter that was born and raised here. The downtown area is very livable and walkable with beautiful historic houses walking distance to the town square with nice shops, restaurants, and parks. Lots of pedestrians and dog-walkers, and every time I go out I see people in the community that I know. The city is continually investing in making downtown a nice place to live. It's a great, low-key downtown with character and great residents. There has been a lot of development, as there has been in all parts of Metro Atlanta, but people are much more courteous here than in other places I've lived, letting you in in heavy traffic, waving hello as you drive down the street, things like that that I've gotten used to over the years and value a lot. Our daughers school has fewer than 400 students and you get to know everyone. It is a politically conversative area with lots of churches, but there is not as much of the extreme right-wing presence as I noticed living in Portland. It's also more integrated that Portland. I was shocked to discover after living three years in liberal Portland, that there were black people living there at all! I found out accidentally when I signed up to volunteer at a battered women's shelter on a side of town I hadn't been too. Newnan is very family-friendly and family-oriented, has very reasonable home prices and taxes, and is twenty minutes to the airport, thirty to downtown Atlanta. One thing that would make it even better would be more white-collar industry.
Sarah | Newnan, GA
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Nice place to live overall...
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Beautiful City
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Growing town, great location
we have lived in newnan for 6 months. the people here are friendly, and you can gt to any...
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