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Star Rating - 9/15/2016
Can someone comment on the following?

1) Why is the crime rate so high and is it really a problem or just in certain areas?
2) Is the tap water good tasting and safe to drink?
3) Is there a reason why homes are significantly less expensive than in other towns in Oregon?
4) Is there enough rain and is the soil good enough for gardens?
5) Is the hospital rated highly?

Any comments about life in Klamath Falls would be helpful
James | Alma, MO
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James, the following article will help answer your questions along with Leah A's comments :
Christopher | Portland, OR

1. Poverty rate is high and the economy really suffered after the recession. 2. Best tasting water. Ever. 3. Again, the economy. Its isolation probably contributes as well...Medford is the other city in southern Oregon, much bigger, and it's a 2-hour drive over the mountains. Weather is colder with longer winters compared to cities west of the Cascades. 4. High desert, unfortunately farmers often have to deal with drought and water rights. Plenty of people have gardens though! 5. If you're in healthcare, the hospital is accredited by a different agency, not Joint Commission. But they do practice quality improvement and in my opinion, provide excellent care as a rural community hospital. I grew up there and graduated from the public school system, very thankful for the quality of education I received. Overall people really care about the community and are invested in it. It does feel isolated, but I loved and still miss the friendliness and community mindset now that I live in the city.
Leah | South Whittier, CA
- 3/7/2018
Klamath falls Oregon is a complex,interesting place to live. Lots of ranching and people a...
marcia | Redding, CA | No Replies

- 8/17/2017
Klamath is a great place to live, work, and play!
If you are looking or considering a new place to either move to, or, to start a business, ...
Jim | Klamath Falls, OR | No Replies

- 7/9/2016
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Alex | San Francisco, CA | 3 Replies

- 2/22/2016
Beautiful and unspoiled
Klamath Falls a quirky small town on the sunny-side of Oregon with about 30,000 people in ...
Teri | Klamath Falls, OR | No Replies

- 7/6/2015
Love this small town!
My husband and I came to Klamath Falls in November of 2014, looking for a place to retire....
Joanie | Klamath Falls, OR | 1 Reply

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