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"La Ciudad Que Progresa" (The City that progresses
Star Rating - 11/29/2006
This large, yet small staured city in Miami- Dade County is where you'll find the largest population of Cubans outside of the Island. This industrious city will warm you with its old suburban landscape, and boistorous people. Where a cafe is still 50 cents and the Cuban culture thrives in a middle class environment.
Jose | Hialeah, FL
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- 7/24/2021
Working class neighbor with alot of heart & soul
From the Cuban cafecito to the diversity of people Hialeah is a great place to visit to ex...
Angel De Jesus | Hialeah, FL | No Replies

- 4/6/2019
Hialeah is the perfect place if you don't speak English. Only because it's not necessary i...
Not | Hialeah, FL | No Replies

- 1/25/2017
south hialeah elementary
south hialeah is the school with a fart. we hate our teachers faculty and staff. we hat...
cock | Hialeah, FL | No Replies

- 7/10/2012
Hialeah, FL.
Hialeah is a small town inside the Miami city limits. It's a ghetto where the "balseros" ...
Jackie | Hialeah, FL | 1 Reply

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