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Star Rating - 8/1/2006
Don't ever move to Chesapeake--especially if you're a minority! The roads, sewage system, and water is bad. The cops are racist and belligerent against minorities. The schools lack academic worthiness and are racist against minorities. For the money, you are losing more moving here than gaining. I recommend anyone to move to the Salem Woods subdivision of Virginia Beach. Trust me--you'll love it!
Rodney | Chesapeake, VA
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Please that is such nonsense. I am a supporter of the police, something tells me this person isn't regardless where they live. I will say the police here are extremely unfair, rude, and seem to throw the book at all younger people. I don't fall in this category, however I've lived here quite awhile, have heard numerous examples. I also have experience through my children. The police are normally right but don't give them an iota of a break for lesser incidents even at the expense of their future. I have sat in courtrooms and witnessed that. Judges are more lienent and caring for their future and I'm speaking of all regardless of race. Chesapeake is average not the greatest but certainly nothing as that person portraits it. It appears that person is consumed by race relations. Look at him in a way he finds incorrectly he'll label you a racist. It's a shame. Not only are those people miserable but they're spreading false information here and I'm sure anywhere else they're asked for input on anything, misleading many people that actually look to sites like these for guidance and real information not his indirect life speeches.
Matthew | Chesapeake, VA | Report Abuse
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