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Oak Park Liveability
Star Rating - 5/5/2009
Oak Park, Illinois, is a wonderful community that has a lot to offer to families wishing to live close to Chicago but not in it. It is a community that has pride in its sense of community. It is diverse (ethnically, politically, economically, and in other ways) and active (from organized art fairs to local block parties). Of course, the home are older and charming and the pleached streets and alley-based garages make it a pictureasque setting. The schools are great (our son attends Lincoln Elementary and has been blessed by skilled and dedicated teachers year after year). We live in what is considered "South Oak Park" (south of the 290) and we consider it, especially our area that is west of Oak Park Avenue, a hidden jem.
Oak Park has its drawbacks, too. It is expensive and it is "land-locked" (i.e., because it is so centrally-located, it is hard to get out of the Chicago area from it).
Steve | Oak Park, IL
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- 6/15/2013
oak park cost of living - too much for retirement
We've lived in Oak Park for 25 years, raising our two children here. Now, looking ahead ...
don | Oak Park, IL | No Replies

- 12/16/2010
Not a bad place to raise a family
I have grew up in the Oak Park area and have lived in other cities in the country. Oa...
Anon | Oak Park, IL | No Replies

- 5/5/2010
Don't believe the hype
If you don't know any better you might think Oak Park is perfect. However, if you are lik...
ASeb | Oak Park, IL | No Replies

- 11/23/2007
Oak Park Illinois
Oak Park is a good place to live, however the taxes are very high...
Steven | Oak Park, IL | No Replies

- 9/27/2006
Oak Park is a Great Place to Live!
I've been living in Oak Park, IL since June of this year. It has been a very pleasant exp...
Victoria | Oak Park, IL | No Replies

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