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This place is horrible. (Groton CT, MOST ALL OF CT
Star Rating - 12/20/2008
Most people aren't from here originally. Everything is overpriced from rent to groceries. The ship-yards and Pfizer smell really bad, not to mention the Hess (gas) plant. People are generally rude and unhappy in my experience. I am literally counting the days till I can leave and will NEVER COME BACK HERE. Everyone is crammed together, so there is very little privacy. If you want to see a DR., good luck finding an appointment in the next 3 months. In my opinion, the only pretty place here is Eastern Point Beach, and still you cannot go there on a day when there aren't at least 20 other people there along side you. No peace or serenity. Groceries are through the roof, and if you go to Wal-Mart in Waterford, be careful not to get run over, cussed, or have your cart stolen by someone.
Amy | Groton, CT
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- 4/18/2009
thru the roof!
groton is the submarione capital of america- a lot of navy ppl come thru this town for a s...
casey | Pell City, AL | No Replies

- 4/19/2008
Whats not to like ?
We just got here 5 and 1/2 months ago and talk about location , right on the water and a s...
Richard | Groton, CT | No Replies

- 8/13/2007
Can't wait to leave
I don't like this area, and most people who aren't originally from here, don't like it eit...
Brian | Groton, CT | No Replies

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