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Star Rating - 5/27/2014
Ashamed of Jonesboro! I was born and raised there back in the late 70's and 80's We never heard of killings, not much of drugs, we were able to play outside, Nettleton was the best part of the area to live in. I was young but I remember when Jonesboro had a JCPenny's with wood floors, and Caraway had only 3-5 restaurants, The Kettle and a few more. Jonesboro was a decent place to live back in my day. However over the past 25 years it's changed so much with crime, drugs and thugs and I blame it on "The Landlords" Most don't care who they rent to, I personally managed some apartments, homes back in 2006-2009 as I moved up North in 1989, I came back due to my fathers and mothers health, with my youngest daughter (age 11 at the time)she attended the same school I did which was Nettleton. I feared my daughters safety as Jonesboro isn't a place to call home anymore. After losing both parents in 07 and 09 I again moved, gave up my job due to fear of my soon to be a teenager and the community. I, as a property manager screened all of my tenants and "drugs" is one thing I would not tolerate, therefor I did have good tenants and I wrote about this issue to The Jonesboro Sun, three times and it was published. "Landlords, owners having homes, ect. to rent don't seem to care what type of people they rent to, if they did all the drugs, thugs and the Community would be a much better place to live and the crime rate would go down. Unbelievable, I now live near Little Rock and I must say Jonesboro is worse than the Metro city, that is bad! I am ashamed to call Jonesboro my hometown. Law enforcement needs to crack down on any and all crimes, not just a slap on the hand! I miss Jonesboro but refuse to ever live there again, I am looking to buy a home and have talked to several people in the Jonesboro area and I'd have to look at Ridge Point or Sage Meadows area, which is out of my budget and who's to know that Jonesboro has turned upside down that this area won't become effected over the next 10 years! It don't matter what race we are, its the people. If you are one of them then you'll disagree, if not I am sure you'll agree with my statement and it's the truth! I know several Law enforcements there and they can only do so much, however again, Landlords, owners of rental property would watch more clearly to whom they rent to and get rid of the druggies the crime rate would go down. Think about it! I'd love to see "The Jonesboro" I grew up in, not a "Little Chicago".
Ashamed | Jonesboro, AR
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I agree with everything you say, except that even Ridgepoint is a cesspool and there is absolutely no good or safe place to live in Jonesboro any more. I left but still have family there who are trying to survive until they can retire and leave it for good. Crime is everywhere, but in Jonesboro the rotten parents raise their (usually illegitimate) brats to be even more rotten. They steal and vandalize and harass and physically attack young and old people and have the most foul mouths I ever heard, worse than any sailor I ever served with. The police have some officers who try but most are part of the problem, not part of the solution. There's crime everywhere, but in the 30 years I lived there I found exactly two (2) people honest enough to do business with and it got worse every day. The family I have there send me copies of their security videos and they are attacked on a regular basis, threatened with rape, sodomy, beatings, murder and called every filthy name in the book, even crap that doesn't make any sense since they are white and are even screamed at for being 'niggers' by the mindless heathens overrunning the city. It's common for the beasts to be in church every time the doors open and then go directly to assaulting people. Nothing but drunks and immoral losers left for the most part. The only people you'll find saying good about living in Jonesboro are the criminals trying to get rich off the community in one way or another.
James | Jonesboro, AR
- 2/16/2015
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Ashamed of Jonesboro! I was born and raised there back in the late 70's and 80's We never ...
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